Information and Technology Capability
The are a few of our favourite apps and web tools
Jessica Morey and Gayle Pinn
Yerong Creek Public School

The study of English enables students to develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills of ICT in their composing, responding and presenting, and as part of the imaginative and critical thinking they undertake in English.
Students have the opportunity to become competent, discriminating and creative users of ICT as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately when investigating, creating and communicating ideas and information. Students will learn about the ethics of information communication through technology. (English K-10)

Quality Teaching with ICT in the new English Syllabus

1. Smore
This can be used to collate teaching resources

Students can use Smore the present their learning

2. Thing link
There is an app or it can be used online
This can also be used to collate teaching resources

Students can present their ideas and learning

3. PuppetPals app

This can be used for students to summarise a story or demonstrate learning on any topic.
The app contains many puppets, or the students can create their own.

Ned Kelly by Craig from Yerong Creek PS on Vimeo.

4. Tellagami app
The students can create 30 second animated oral clips. These can be joined together to make a longer animation.

African Travelling from Yerong Creek PS on Vimeo.

Hayley and Graces african animals from Yerong Creek PS on Vimeo.

5. BuddyPoke app
Used to create avatars, audio clips, presentations etc

Annie Botswana from Yerong Creek PS on Vimeo.

6. Prezi
It can be used to collate teaching resources

Students can share their learning

7. Book Creator
Easy to use app to create books. Students can add photos or drawings, text and audio. It can be exported to iBooks or to a video

8 Fakebook
Students can create a fake Facebook profile for a character

9 Fake text
Students create a dialogue between two characters

10. AudioNote app
Students can record themselves reading a text. They can listen to themselves and evaluate by writing notes.
Teachers can conduct a running record and record notes.

There is an app as well an an online site
The class can brainstorm their ideas about a topic

12. Magnetic Letters apps
Various apps are available

13. iMovie app
Students can produce movies to summarise stories, to create new stories.